Jessie Elaine is more than a name. It is a brand. It's a way of life, which was built on the foundation of hard work and above all else, faith. Jessie Elaine is living proof that when God is whispering in your ear, you should listen and follow His plan. Jessie has been an athlete for most of her life, excelling at the collegiate level in basketball and upon her graduation, began a career as a mental health counselor. For years, she felt that God was pulling her towards a greater calling. So, in 2016, she left her job and created JEYFitness and became a fitness instructor. Her goal was to show people in her community that they can do things they never thought they could and achieve personal goals through a positive and inclusive atmosphere. But that’s not all. Jessie’s second passion was modeling. So after fighting through much hesitation, she took the leap and became a full-time model in the same year. Jessie’s goal is not only to help as many people as she can reach their fitness goals, but also to be an example of how powerful and how good God is. More than another fitness instructor, more than a model, always more than meets the eye: This is Jessie Elaine