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What Clients Are Saying...

“JEY Fitness!! Wow is all I can say! I can truly say that Jessie Elaine was a GOD sent blessing, and couldn't have helped me at a better time in my life. Jessica literally helped change my life.  I think I was in the top 80% of people in the world that had low self-esteem, and I felt my weight was one of the causes! I had tried so may times to lose weight, and although I did lose some weight before, it would always come back. I would gain the weight back I lost, and then some. Jessie's spirit was so encouraging and she reassured me, motivated me, and even prayed for me!After being a mom of 3 and weighing over 200lbs for years, Jessica helped me change my lifestyle by providing meal plans, group chats, early morning and late night posts and eventually, I saw my weight drop below 200 lbs!I recommend her to anyone who wants to see results in their life!"

Tia Bell

“I have gone to a lot of bootcamps, but Jessie's bootcamps were by far the most fun I have ever had!  I lost between 7-8 lbs in the short time I attended Jessie's boot camp.What I also enjoyed about the classes was that Jessie provides a Judge Free Zone.  It didn't matter the shape or size, we were all comfortable and working together to achieve her goal."


“I love Jessie Elaine's classes! I felt welcomed, encouraged and loved on through out my weight loss journey.  I encourage anyone who is looking for a great instructor and a good time to contact Jessie Elaine!"