Jesus Is So Nice Subscription Box


The #JesusIsSoNice Box is a monthly subscription box filled with positive things to remind you of how much God loves you. And to remind you that you are here on PURPOSE. On days you are down our prayer is that you can look one of our items and be reminded of how GREAT you are! These monthly theme boxes will enhance you mentally and spiritually. It will remind you monthly to look at the brighter side of things.


What's in the box?

Each month your NEW FAVORITE subscription box will come with 3 or more products that will enhance your mind, body and soul. You will receive a monthly affirmation to focus on for that month. You will get a different shirt monthly $20 value) alone with things like jewelry, books, crystals, skin products and so much more. Our goal is to help you GROW from the INSIDE out.

How much is this investment?

Subscriptions are billed a month ahead. Whichever date that you order your very first box on, that's what date it will come out monthly. The subscription is only $35 a month. And you receive new positive apparel ($20 value) monthly. Need a break? No worries, you can cancel at anytime! Can't wait to GROW with you!! #JesusIsSoNice

$35 Monthly