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The Reviews Are In!

Read what people are saying about the first annual #BeEmpowered Seminar!

So, it was actually my mom's idea to attend the Be Empowered seminar. She invited me & I thought sure why not. I'm always up for any sort of self-improvement, & to support a fellow classmate, of course! I am so glad that I agreed to go! First, I have never witnessed a miracle like what happened that night! It was one of the coolest, most incredible things I have ever been a part of! I always believe there are good people in the world, and that just solidified my belief! (& you were so deserving of such generosity from Mr. Eric!) I enjoyed every part of the seminar! I got something from every one of the guest speakers that spoke. 

I was so in awe of the support between Randi & Demi Howell. I saw how important it was to build relationships with people who support you, push you, believe in you, help you, and will work with you to realize your dreams. I am an Accountant, and honestly I don't think I've ever heard what makes up my credit score like Amber Jones was able to teach me in about 15 minutes. It was so great! I thought wow, that really is easy! I mean I understood the concept of credit & how important it is, obviously, but to break it down into the simple 5 pieces that actually make it up really allowed me to see it clearly. Because I now know those things, I can be more intentional in my decision making & financial planning. 

I've known Courtney Boyll a long time, & knew 'of' her story, but never actually heard her tell it. It was truly amazing to hear straight from her. To hear where she placed emphasis at, compared to if someone else might have been telling it. The emphasis wasn't on the accident or recovery. Actually, that was only a brief part of it. To hear her talk about her passion, her motivation, her competitive nature, & how the accident was only a shift in what she thought her plan was vs. God's plan for her life. Instead of focusing on the bad and what she 'missed out' on, she was able to pursue God's plan, to teach, coach, and mentor other young students. It was inspiring, encouraging, motivating, and so incredibly beautiful! 

And Eric Thomas. To be perfectly honest, I had never heard of him before I signed up to come to the seminar. Of course, I Googled him beforehand, but to hear him talk live was so awesome! Wow! What can I say, I mean he makes me believe it really is that easy. Just follow the steps. Any of us can do that!  It truly was a great night & I am so thankful that I got to be a part of. If I had to pick my favorite part, it would have to be seeing a classmate, a "normal" (I don't say that lightly because it is clear, you Jessica, are destined for greatness!), but normal in the sense of no leg up in the game, straight out of the county like myself, going after something so amazing, something much bigger than most of us would even try. I admire and respect all of your efforts & determination in starting this foundation. It's so inspiring to see you going after your dream, listening to what God has put in your heart, and not being afraid to step out and do big things. It really, truly is amazing!! And I am so proud & excited to see what all you are going to do! It's going to be big, I know that! Good luck girl, just keep going!! "


“Thank you so much for allowing BBVA Compass to partner with your Empowerment event for the Tiffany Young Foundation!  As an organization and bank we strive to link up with local businesses in our community to make them aware of what all we as a bank has to offer. I was excited that we were able to offer your guest the promotion we had going on at the time for Everyday Hero Accounts, which a few of them took advantage of. However, I was not expected to get as much out of the Empowerment event as I did! The speakers that you had were amazing and I am so glad to be apart of it. I learned so much that day and was able to take what I learned back to my team. Keep up the good work and I am so glad you were able to reach your fundraising goals. "

BBVA Compass

Domenique Shackelford, Branch Retail Executive IV

“I was very blessed to be able to attend the 1st annual Tiffany Young Foundation! I really didn’t know what to expect but I knew that I was going to leave that place better than I was when I came. I enjoyed hearing all of the testimonies in each individuals life which all were very inspiring. I also learned a good bit of necessary info regarding financial growth and making decisions which I brought home to my husband who wasn’t able to attend with me. We have always been focused on being smart with our money and save what we can. Another thing that was probably my most favorite about the event is that not only how informational it was but the Holy Spirit was MOVING in that place!!! There were blessings happening right before my eyes!!! I definitely felt empowered when I left."


“We cleared our schedules to come to the be empowered seminar. Even though you are my friend and I would have came just for you, it turned out to be an amazing experience for me and wife!!! So many gems were dropped! From watching Dante performance and listening to how wise my young cousin has become and seeing how confident he was in his element! That inspired me! The couple and their advice on brand building and trust within a relationship was fire! Me and my wife came home and talked about that for hours, and started formulating ideals on how we could do the same! My absolute favorite part however was Amber Jones and her credit advice! She was short and sweet and to the point! So Gave us so much information that we could come home and put to use right then!! She is definitely someone I will be contacting in the future for more info! There is not much I can say about Eric Thomas! He stopped the room! I’ve never seen someone control an entire room of completely different individuals! He is number 1 for a reason! I have notes from his speech that I am still going back to read! You my friend, watching you be blessed and rewarded for your obedience and your sacrifices, was mind blowing to me!!! You really had a vision and stuck with it! To see it pay off for you right in front of us, was like a stamp from the Most High saying “Be Empowered!” It was the perfect end to an awesome event! Thank you for inviting us and letting us be part of it! You have supporters in us for the rest of your life! Love you!"

Kevin Byrd

“The Be Empowered event was nothing short of amazing. The food was delicious, especially the peach cobbler. I like the fact that you keep a good variety on the panel line up from credit experts to marriage counseling to spiritual influence. The hard work from you and your team was very obvious. Great job!"


“I was super excited to be a part of The Be Empowered Seminar hosted by Jessica Young.  The experience was beyond an ordinary seminar.  It was the beginning of a MOVEMENT to impact lives and empower partners/ investors of Jessica Elaine & The Tiffany Young Foundation.  I was inspired by the speakers who discussed topics of credit, relationships, faith, survival, wealth and success.  I’ll forever remember this MOVEMENT that was conceived from motivation and birth by a miracle! - Many blessings to better days ahead!"

Lasheika Goodlow 

“ My experience was mind blowing. I learned so many things that I didn't know about CREDIT reports.  ET had some Awesome points on different things, that I have been putting to use. I look at my life way different now. Like before I was going through just the "regular steps of life". Now I do things different, life different & think different. 2019 is my year to overcome some of my fears in life & start stepping out on FAITH like you did. Again thanks so much for the opportunity to learn so many different & a new way to look at life."

Shatina Shackleford

“ The BeEmpowered event was amazing. From the opening act to the closing. I left feeling fueled and ready. It’s honestly hard to put it into words. It just wasn’t just an event in the physical, it was all spiritual. I’m so happy I went and I can’t wait till the next one."

Charrissa Booth

I have been to a number of seminars, workshops, self-help classes, and motivational sessions, but I HAVE NEVER and I MEAN NEVER been to one and personally watched the hand of God move right before my very eyes. When I tell you the speakers prepared the atmosphere for miracles to take place. GLORY!!!! I will never be the same ever again after the BE EMPOWERED event. God, through Jessica, showed me the importance of not casting away  confidence because it has great recompense of reward. Thank you Jessica for not getting weary in well doing. Thank you for bringing alive so many scriptures in your works and obedience and making it so practical to us all. I Love you and I'm so so super proud of You!!! I look forward to the many works God is ready to do through You!  #world-renowned #thatsyou #GODSAIDITNOTME #Created2Win



“There’s nothing like seeing people you grew up with doing good and being blessed! Me and Ma really enjoyed ourselves and left empowered!!! I can tell you one thing, the Holly Spirit was really in the building that night cause I could feel it all over me. Thank you for that! I haven’t felt it like that in a long time. I Truly know you got some great things coming your way! You are highly favored!"

Stuart McClain

Valeria Thompson

“There is so much I can say concerning the Tiffany Young Foundation Seminar. But I do have one word that sums it all up. Amazing. The layout was phenomenal. The colors all the way down to the decorations. And the food was excellent. The line up of speakers gave a lot of great information. I learned a lot pertaining to credit, marriage and even in the toughest of situations to keep going. I have been blessed every day since the conference. Eric Thomas re-lit a fire in me, that had died. He spoke about our blue print and thumbprint.. (Since the conference I’ve figured out what my blue print. And I left with the proper tools in place to use. I’m thankful God chose me to attend the seminar. The seminar was a aha moment for me. My life has only been changed one other time at a conference. And I’ve been to a million of them! I am extremely grateful I was able to attend. And I look forward to next year."

Kearis Roberson

"This was my first time ever attending a seminar. I really appreciated this event. They did a great job of explaining things. All speakers could also stay on topic, stay entertaining, and were comfortable on stage. They kept it light and fun. It set the bar for any future seminars I may attend. All the information that was given was great. I learned so much in those 3 hours. I'm definitely looking forward to the next Tiffany Young Foundation Seminar!"

Carla Byrd

Tuesday was so amazing!! This was definitely life changing!! I'm so overjoyed, I have no words!! Jessica Young you did that and so glad you didnt give up because of the obstacles that came your way. You touched a lot of hearts tonight!! Love you always!!" #WontHeDoIt

Kearis Roberson